I cry several times a day.

Long story short my LO has always struggled with drinking anything. Just not interested, doesn't get thirsty who knows. We have tried ABSOLUTELY everything. Since weaning I've been a little less stressed as she is eating a bit of solids. Bit lately that's gone out the window. She isnt currently teething. Lately the mornings are a nightmare. I've gotten 2.5 oz in her today and that's since her last bit of milk last night at 6pm. We dropped night feeds as we were advised by the HV to do so to increase her daily milk intake. It hasn't worked. Every bottle (which is never more than 4 oz) is a nightmare and I sit crying several times a day out of worry. I get frustrated as I don't know what I'm doing wrong. As I feel it must be me. Lately I'm really struggling again to manage the worry and stress. My partner says I need to relax and not stress about it but she drinks so little it's hard not to. I don't really know why I'm posting this. I guess I feel so alone in this as everyone else says there babies love milk and have a routine. My LO drinks so little we have never been able to have a routine with milk. She seem to like the breast milk (expressed) or formula but it's like she doesn't like the experience of drinking it. I have tried different bottles, teats, cups... the lot. I'm fed up of crying all the time.
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I can’t help unfortunately but I can relate in that my girl was very similar up to around 5/6 months. She just was not interested in milk and regularly had half the recommended minimum amount. I was SO stressed by it and cried a lot. Everyone else just told me to ‘not worry’ and ‘she’ll be fine’ but it’s easy to say that when you’re not the one battling five or six times a day to get milk into your baby. I took her to the doctors a few times and because she was doing enough nappies and her obs were fine they always said it’s okay. We were even referred to A&E once by the GP but the specialist there said she was fine 🤷🏼‍♀️She was putting on weight slowly, though not slowly enough for it to be a big concern. Luckily her appetite seemed to grow at around 6 months and she’s having more, though still below the recommended. I know this isn’t any help but I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do. It’s really hard and really stressful!

My little girl is EXACTLY the same. She drinks barely anything. She isnt keen on water or juice either and its so hard! She wakes for night feeds but doesn’t drink much and in the day i now make 4oz bottles and she drinks 2/3oz and then the next bottle will have 1oz its so bizarre. I went to the HV today and expressed my concerns as my daughter had dropped a centile and suffers with constipation too due to lack of fluids. Your not alone and i feel exactly the same with worry etc. i even get thoughts like ‘oh if i breast fed her would things be different’ Speak to your HV and have monthly weigh ins with them and chats it really helps x

we had this with my lb changed his milk and his so much better on it x

@Chloe Lily I'm glad I'm not the only one. But sad you are going through this too. When does it end?? Each day feels worse and worse. In total I got 8 oz in her yesterday. HV coming today to weigh her. I'm a nervous wreck and haven't slept as I'm so stressed.

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