My baby has been ebf and is 9 weeks, he used to feed for around 10 mins and be done. he reached his birth weight again really quickly and has been putting on weight. He's recently been feeding for more like 20 mins but sometimes at the end he will come on and off my nipple, pull at it and wiggle around. Does this mean he is possibly getting frustrated and not getting enough? If so, how do I increase this? Should I start pu ping during the day too? Thank you
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He’s probably cluster feeding this is very normal. As long as he’s gaining weight there’s no worry about supply. They fuss at the breast as a natural way to increase milk supply for a growth spurt. it’s really clever! And sometimes babies will feed for longer than other times as it’s not just food it’s for comfort/pain relief/illness/hydration etc. x

Lots of mums have a bit of an oversupply at the start and it very commonly regulates around 8 weeks. This would explain why he’s feeding for a bit longer. All sounds very normal, I wouldn’t express as too much milk can cause mastitis etc. The fussiness is probably just him exploring as he’s getting bigger! You’re doing a good job!💪🏻❤️

This is how you know if they're getting enough Behaviour at the breast isn't indicative of supply. If you're ever worried about your supply get help rather than just starting pumping or supplements

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