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Is anyone finding their baby classes clash with the morning nap. Are you waking them from the nap to take them or just not going? I go once a week so guessing it won’t hurt to wake her up as the class is for her benefit?! Let me know what you are doing or think?
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Yes we have the same issue. I'm waking her up and then having a nap when returning but that means she's having a later afternoon nap. This then impacts the night time sleep. Honestly I don't know what's best but I'm in the same boat. My baby loves her class so I want her to go but it does impact her morning nap.

Now we’re firmly on 2 naps I often have clashes. 9:30 class before first nap. Or 11 class with an hour walking nap before the class, is kinda working for me. Does rule out quite a few options though.

I’m about to try transition her to 2 naps as well. It’s hard isn’t it trying to juggle everything around! Just don’t want her to lose out in the long run!

Totally agree, staying in all day isn’t good for either little one or me! So I make it work.

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