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What can I make my 6 month old that's dairy free I feel sick of making just veg and fruit ?
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Pasta, rice, porridge oats made up with water or alternative milk, omelette strips, toast pieces with mashed fruit spread on, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans

So many things are dairy free! We had chicken fajitas (deconstructed for little one) which was chicken, peppers, onions, spices and salad with wraps. We used oatly creme fraiche and left out cheese. It makes it easier as I'm dairy free too because of breastfeeding so most of our meals are now.

Loads of things my son is basically eating what we have but have to make sure it’s dairy free. I’ve been adding things slowly incase of other allergies. Today we’ve had chicken and carrots I’ve also made spag Bol he’s not keen on that tho. I’m going to get some cod and sausage also getting him some dairy free yoghurt I’m going to freeze some of it in his teething toy to help with his teeth as well that way it doesn’t go to waste as has to be used up in 24hours once opened

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