Baby growing nicely

Had my 20 week scan and all looks good but baby was being awkward so I have to go back for another scan on Monday as they couldn’t get all the spine. Still a girl and have an anterior placenta so that explains the lack of movement
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They sent me for a walk for the same reason, they couldn’t find all the spine but once she moved position they managed to find it xx

@Shannon we got sent for a walk too, also had to turn onto both sides but she just was cooperating hahah. At least I get to see her again on Monday haha

Sounds like my girl! She's been awkward at all of ours scans and I'm sure tomorrow's 20 week scan will be no different 😂😂 I'm gunna try having a sugary drink before we go in and hope that helps

@Chloë same for us 😂 my first was so easy in scans but not this one hahah. I do wonder what happens if they can’t get it on the next scan either. See my scan was 8:30 so I wasn’t really wanting much to eat or drink but I might have to force myself to for the next one

@Jess I tried orange juice at my private scan and she didn't seem to move much, drank the other half of the orange juice later that day and she started going crazy in there. She's already stubborn like her father 😂😂

@Chloë hahah I’ll give orange juice a try. I always say that 😂

@Jess maybe it's a girl thing? I don't remember my sister having any issues with my nephew being awkward at scans. Good luck!

@Chloë idk cause my first was a girl and was fine 😂

Mine is in 3 hours. I’m so excited! And just slightly nervous.

@Cassandra ahh I hope it all went well

@Jess yes it was great!!!

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