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Hi girls, my baby is ten months old and from the end of the month I will start my dream job with a great salary and luckily I have negotiated to be part time 4 days a week. I'll have to think about the nursery and this hurts me a lot, it makes me feel like I'm not a good mother (I know it's stupid). Furthermore, I think I'm anxious to return to a "normal" life. Have you also felt this way when returning to work or putting your little ones in nursery?
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I feel you, just started work! I wasn’t able to put mine into nursery both cause of trust issues and she is still so young, and cause I would be spending my entire pay check on it. So, I’m luckily able to have my mil and husband look after her cause they wfh. But I only have this arrangement for two months so don’t know what to do next😭

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