Exclusively breastfeeding and going away for weekend without baby. Advice needed!!

My cousin is getting married in August my baby will be 5 months old. She's exclusively breastfed but does have the odd bottle of expressed milk. My cousins wedding is a no children wedding and I've been trying to express enough milk to have a supply put away. I'm a bridesmaid at the wedding and away Friday morning until Sunday afternoon my worry is if my baby is fed expressed bottles of milk for a full weekend is there a chance she won't take to the breast again when I get home?
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Remember you'll also need to pump for each missed feed to keep your supply up so you'll be pumping half the day 😅 I personally would ask for an exception to be made and it often is for breastfed babies so young. We had no kids at our wedding except babes in arms. My second choice would be to have whoever is looking after them stay in the wedding venue so you can nip in and out.

Yeah i breastfed my son buy the longest I ever left him was 1 night with my mum and I remember expressing through the night because I got sore 😅 I have looked into someone coming and staying at the venue but it's £260 a night so other options was a nearby venue but can't find anything with availability for the full weekend 🥲

Following.. I'm going away for the weekend when babes is 4mo and my lactation consultant says baby should still latch and cobathing and skin to skin will help .. make sure to pump regularly and have fun guilt free .. ( advice I'm trying to give myself) xx

If your cousin won’t make an exception for you as a breastfeeding mother then I’d be tempted to step down as bridesmaid and / or not go to the wedding. Being away from baby for that long may have an impact on your supply unless you pump every missed feed and you’d need to check that your cousin would be ok with you being awol from the wedding to pump multiple times over the course of the weekend (they may even change their mind and let baby come!) Alternatively, if the venue rooms as expensive, is there an air B&B that you could rent? Again you’d be leaving the wedding multiple times to feed so your cousin might think it’s less of an inconvenience to make an exception and let baby attend. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I agree with the person above, I’d be bailing on the wedding if they couldn’t make an exception for a breastfeeding mum. I hate these children bans! Pump the same times that you would usually feed if you do go and explain you’ll be missing a lot because of this 🫣

Thank you everyone. I had a talk with her again last night and she's been trying to help us figure out ways around it including halving in to pay for someone to come to the venue to watch kids but unfortunately I don't think that's an option for us

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