Hand down nappy constantly

Anyone else’s toddler keep fiddling with their nappy and putting their hands down it? I regularly change him and he has no rashes or anything down there for him to feel uncomfortable or anything… It’s only really started the last couple months but I find myself telling him no alllll the time at the moment because of it! The other day he did it and he had done a poo so had to put him straight in the bath 😂😩🤢
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Thankfully he doesn’t go down his nappy but my little boy does like ‘playing’ with his penis, much to my discomfort only because he fully squeezes/pinches it 🫣 but my partner insists it mustn’t hurt him. Like I say though he only does it either in bath, during nappy change (so I clean it first) or if he sits on potty/toilet

@Megan haha I have the joy of this too! Especially bath time - he is obsessed with it 🤦🏻‍♀️ why are they like this!? 😅

Why I went from vests back to bodysuits, it was driving me crazy! Wore bodysuits under his clothes for a few months then he seemed to forget about it, now wears vests again and very rarely puts his hands down his nappy. I found tescos did the bigger size bodysuits.

Obviously wouldn't wear them in the summer but in autumn it worked for us.

Oh, they never grow out of that 😂

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