Section date??

When it came to getting the date of your section was you told it in person by the consultant or whatever, or was you told a rough estimate eg 39weeks and then had the actual date through the post??
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I saw consultant at 36 weeks and that’s when they booked me in for c section which happened at 39 weeks and 3 days . So had my date all organized and then the day before the delivery midwife called with time to be there and other information

My consultant told me the date face to face at my 36w appointment. She booked it in front of me for 39w xx

Was told in my pre- op appointment it’d be in 39weeks , then got a text on thursday of the week before

I was told my date at 32 weeks booked in for 38 weeks x

Similar to vicki^ saw consultant at 36 weeks, he referred me to another team and said I’d get a call in the next few days. I never actually received a call but it appeared in my badger notes and was booked for 38+3. Pre op appointment was also showing there for a few days before x

It was decided on the 20th March that I would need a c section by my consultant and then I got the call on the 22nd march and then had my c section on the 27th March at 38 weeks

I haven’t had my date but I sign consent forms at 33+5 and I’ve been told I’ll receive a call with the date within a couple of weeks of that. But I’ve seen others say they were told when they signed their consent forms, others only found out because the appointment appeared on their app. Seems different everywhere

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