Hi ya’ll, I wanted to hear about your experiences about post partum depression and anti-depressants, Do they work? Were they easy to come off? I feel like I should have accepted my ppd earlier (as my mum passed away 2 months after I gave birth) and it’s approaching a year after my sons birthday and I am getting traumatic flashbacks and anxiety and my mood is really down and swingy and I get really negative and disturbing thoughts so I feel like maybe it’s time I accept and get onto anti-depressants
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I went on anti anxiety meds when I was pregnant because it got really bad. I am still on it and it has helped a lot. I was going down all these bad rabbit holes and how I am able to stop the thoughts better

Can't advise but I'm so sorry for your loss of your mum ❤️

I'm so sorry for your loss. Are you active physically? Or maybe stressed mentally? During my first pregnancy, my relationship was going through a rough patch and I was doing everything on my own. I was mentally struggling and had to be put on medications. Sometimes external factors like this affect you. Currently, I'm pregnant with my second baby and doing all the things to stay calm. I also joined this group for my emotional health. You can look into it. Take care.

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