Anyone else relate?

So I am pregnant for the first time, and ofc the military has my husband half way across the country for basically my whole first trimester. I have needed to rely on my friends now more than ever for emotional support, and I discovered that two of my closest friends have been making plans without me. I’m not the jealous type of friend, but not being included when I’m in such an emotional state sucks. I have read/ heard that friends tend to stop showing up once you become pregnant but I didn’t think it would happen to me. I have never felt so isolated.
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I had very similar things happen to me! You are not alone in this pregnancy and postpartum can be very lonely times if you do not have the right people to talk to. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me. I hope things get better 💛

I am so sorry. I can imagine what you’re going through. Yes people definitely do start to act different once you become pregnant especially if they aren’t parents. Many people have the experience of feeling ignored their whole pregnancy. Yet everyone wants to say hi to the new baby. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I hope you can find a community of mommies. That’s what helped me.

I hear you mama! Sorry you’re going through this. Unfortunately it is true for many! No one has showed up for me in the ways I thought or hoped for. They stop inviting even more once the baby comes 👎 You can maybe talk to them about it but unfortunately I think when people don’t consider others theres very little you can do to make them see. ❤️ You can come to the app for the support you can get or maybe talk to some family 🥰 I am also newly pregnant with my second and have had falling outs with my sisters last month for very petty inconsiderate reasons and its so emotional going through this and knowing I don’t have them to share it with. My husband also travels alot for work (not as much as yours ❤️❤️) but I do kinda get it. Its hard being alone and feeling left out.

None of my friends reach out to me now unless it’s for their own benefit ): it’s sad but these are people who will not be allowed to see my baby when they ask! Hang in there mama! The one thing I realized is “it takes a village” there is no village ):

I’m in the same boat…this is my first and my husband is in the military. I’m over 3,000 miles away from everything i know, my friends and family. As soon as we moved, I found out I’m pregnant. It’s been very hard to settle here. My friends seem to completely forget about me (or at least it seems) to make it worse my husband won’t be here for the delivery…so I completely understand! Just hang in there, I feel like it’ll get better 🖤

Same, my husband is in the military and we found out I was pregnant right before he had to leave overseas. He’ll be gone the whole pregnancy ): It’s been hard but one thing that helps me is knowing that there are other mamas who will support you no matter what. You can always message me if you need someone to talk to ❤️

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