How soon can I bath?

4 days post section, got my 5 day check tomorrow where they will remove the dressing. Obviously I’m going to ask the midwife if my incision looks okay to bath but when I’ve searched I get soooo many different answers! Few days to 6 weeks?! Desperate for a nice bath!
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I was advised that I needed to wait for the dressing to be removed before bathing. But then once it’s been removed to be careful as soaps/body wash can irritate it. I’m yet to have a bath, I’ve just been showering as nervous I’ll aggravate my scar 🙈 x

When they remove the dressing, you’ll still have tape along the incision that hold it together for a while longer. Once THOSE come off naturally (don’t peel them off) then you can bathe as long as there’s no signs of infection or bleeding. Just make sure you dry it very well!

I bathed at day 7 when my dressings came off xx

I had my first bath day 5 when my dressing and stitches were removed

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