Got rid of the changing table

We're in nesting mode and getting ready for baby #2 (due in 4 weeks) and we had to get rid of the changing table and replace it with a huge dresser with a ton of drawers to fit both my sons and baby girls clothes. Today was day one without the changing table and had trouble finding a new spot to change our son into his pjs after bath time. We tried to do it on our bed but drew a blank at the time and realized that we weren't prepared with his lotions, diapers, etc.. The changing table had a caddy attached to it with all his diaper/after bath needs. It had drawers too with his pjs. It was nice 👍🏻 we'll get better at it and will have like a portable diaper caddy or something. Anyway, we spend most of our day in the living room and we were thinking what if get a changing table for the living room area tucked in a corner. That way when newborn needs a diaper change we can keep a close eye on our toddler. Or should we just do it wherever we get the chance to? Lol my cousins' wife told me that by baby#3 you won't even care because you'll have kids running around. I am already there with my toddler... but I always put like a changing pad underneath him because it's the teacher in me to practice cleanliness lol Idk.. mamas, how do y'all do it with multiple LO's during diaper changes??
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Can you add a changing pad on top of the dresser and fit a few of the things you need inside the drawers?

I have a toddler and 7 month twins. I don’t have a changing pad I used to when it was just one baby but now it just takes up space. So what I do is a have a small basket with both sizes of diapers and wipes in each room. Of If I need rash cream then I deal with it as I go.

Yes you can @Josie that’s how I used to have mine

All our toddlers/ babies have a changing table in their room i also had a little diaper cart in the living room for newborn stage

Maybe have a rolling cart that has all his and your essentials next to your bed. Hopefully that would help.

@Josie @Jessica the dresser is too tall for us to put a changing pad on it (It's bolted to the wall)

@Justin yeah, we're limited on rooms/space so we had to remove the changing table

@Jill yeah! I had to sacrifice my rolling cart with my hair products 😂

@Diana tbh I just don’t know how that would work with a carpeted floor. Lol. 😝

So i have a changing table but thought I would never use it because i could change my baby anywhere. I changed my baby in a bassinet near our couch most of the time, but it wasn’t the right height so I’d have back pain. I finally used my changing table and then wondered why I was so against it. Now I will change pee diapers on the couch and will definitely walk him to our changing table in the bedroom for his poop diapers. I definitely recommend getting a small changing table to save your back

We have a rolling cart in the living room for pees and small poop diapers, but messy diapers are changed in the bedroom for sure on the table

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