Looking for mom friends 🫡

Looking to actually meet and make real connections, a plus if you have a significant other so we can plan couples brunch or game night, must be mobile because I’m in the high desert and i will be willing to drive down, it works both ways, I’m a sahm with two kids
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Hey LaTonya, how far are you from Los Angeles ?

@Renay Heyy im 1hr 40mins but still go down there sometimes because its not much to do here 😅 im close to vegas i moved here because it’s cheaper than LA

It’s most definitely cheaper than Los Angeles lol LA too expensive. I’m open to meeting new mommy friends but I am down here in LA

@Renay Ok if you can meet half way I’m down just find a spot ☺️ or i can let you know when I’m out there again

Hey I’m down too you guys

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