Pregnancy pillow

Can anyone recommend a pregnancy pillow that isn’t too expensive? I’m starting to get really uncomfortable at night, I have currently just been hugging a pillow but it’s not really doing the job! Thank you :)
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I got one off amazon it was £30ish pound but came with 2 different attachments as such been the best thing ive bought ill try and find a link now xx

I just bought a ‘V’ shaped pillow from dunelm for £12 and could get all colours of pillow slips for it too for £7 X

@Katie ahh amazing thank you!! Xx

@Eilidh thank you!! Xx

@Katie do you really recommend this one? i'm in need to, all i see is these long ones and i don't understand the need

I really do i found i probably dont use it quite as "recommended" however i sleep with the 2 smaller pieces attached and then i use the longer one between my knees. I found when i dont have the longer one i wake up the next morning in so mjch pain in my hips, thought it was coincidence the first time then realised the 2 went together xxxx

@Katie is it comfortable sleeping without anything in the middle of the two attached? or is it just flat?

Really comfortable i feel more supported and dont stress about lying on my back at all xxx

aha ok thank you! i might give it a try x

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