A little confused.

I had my appointment on the 9th May and was told I was 13w0d making me due 14th November which calculated correctly. I’ve just looked at my notes and seen it says 13w2d (at the time of the scan) EDD 14th November. This gestation is 2 days ahead of what they told me at the scan and doesn’t match with the due date. Can someone please tell me if I should go off the gestation or due date.
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Mine is the same. When I went to my 12 week scan, I was 12 weeks + 2 days that is going by the dates of the first day of my last period and my first positive pregnancy test but when they measured baby I was 12 weeks + 5 days

When I went for my 12 week appointment I was suppose to be 12 weeks 0 days but I ended up being 12 week 2 days my dr told me it doesn’t change due date

I had the same , at my scan she said I was 12w5 and due on 14 Nov The same day, badger notes said I’m 12w6 and due 14 Nov So I posted in here asking others who are due on 14 Nov how far along they think they are. Everyone agreed that (as of today) we are 13w6 (Due date twins🤗)

It says your due date is final so it won’t switch baby just measured ahead that’s all

@Jeylynn thats not right. The due date is literally based on the baby’s measurements. That’s why it’s a ‘dating’ scan … they give you your baby’s size (& therefore your EDD) based on how big the baby measures at the scan

@Elle my dr told me bc my baby was measuring ahead by two days that my due date didn’t change…

@Jeylynn was that AFTER your dating scan? As the dating scan literally uses the baby measurements to give you your due date ! But then any other scan later on , you’ll always keep that EDD from your dating scan around 12w

@Elle yes I already had my dating scan.. this was just my 12 week scan to test for Down syndrome which baby was measuring 12 weeks 2 days instead of 12 weeks 0 days that’s why I ask my dr if it changes anything she said no my due date is still the same I’m due November 12th I’m now 14 weeks 1 days

@Elle so should I go off the due date then? Assuming I’m 14 weeks today, as according to the gestation I would be 14w2d. I’m just unsure as to what they will be going off based off the notes. I may give midwife a call and see what they think.

@Rheo yes once you’ve had your 12 week dating scan, your due date will no longer change , regardless of any future measurements So you are due on 14 Nov and you are 14w0 today :) same as me 🙂

@Elle thank you soo much for clearing that up x

I’m not sure but hey DD twin! I’m 14 weeks today and due on Nov 14th 😊

@Jae🌝 aw lovely!! Hey twin🤍

Well I was told 12 weeks and due date 11/11 but I just checked and they put 13+1 for me 😂 so definitely a typo from them

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