Has anyone ever had a false positive clear blue digital? My blood says not pregnant but…
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I would trust blood test.. hopefully nothing is wrong! False positives can indicate an underlying health issue

I don't trust clear blue full stop, I had a clear blue line and next day negative .not to be trusted these clear blue tests...use a different brand xxx

Use a test with lines ♥️better at showing progression x

Didn’t you say a couple days ago that you had a chemical? Or thought you did if your levels are so low. I would stop testing for now. You know you were pregnant see if you end up bleeding and what not and if not maybe test in like two weeks and go to the doctor if it still says pregnant

So I’ve been taking biotin and that’s when the negatives started now I’m second guessing

@Emily You probably experienced a chemical If all your pregnancy tests are showing negative now and your blood work is well it just takes time To get out of your system and start bleeding but if you Have not started bleeding I would ash for medicine See if that works To help you shed the lining It works for some women And some women have to do a D&C unfortunately I'm one of those women 🥺 Sending u an air hug It really is heartbreaking when We go through a chemical pregnancy or misscarriage

Feel like giving up trying at this point x

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