MRI Photos

Hey, ya’ll! Kinda random, but I thought someone might think these photos were cool. At the beginning of April, at 20 weeks, I went to the hospital for some bad abdominal pain. Turns out, I had appendicitis! They had to do some tests to find out, and one of them was a full abdominal MRI scan. I ended up getting the appendectomy :( but it was easy and baby faired way better than me! Since baby was being super stubborn at my 21-week ultrasound the following week, I requested the MRI imaging in the hopes that I’d have some cool pictures to show people, since I didn’t really have any good ultrasound photos to share. I just got them; they’re so cool! Enjoy!
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Super cool! Thanks for sharing!


wow! love it 😍

Awwwww That’s Soooo Cuteee The Baby Looking Right At You Lol Awwww My Baby Threw Up A Peace Sign😭😭

Wow they are all super cool grate pics love the flipping you off one x

Is baby a boy? 🤔 Super cool btw! Just saw your comment calling baby him xD

That is so cool omgggg🥰

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