Hi Mamas, any advice on which electric breast bump I should buy!

I don’t know if I should get MomCozy or Evie? Is there more? Double or single? Please advice! First time mum 😫
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There’s loadssss of brands! Personally I prefer the momcozy. We’ve gone for the v2 but had the s12 last time. Went for double as I’m going to pump and feed rather than breast feeding. Amazon do a version of the momcozy that’s a lot cheaper. Has good reviews too.

Elvie is very quiet but honestly the reviews for it arent fantastic. I have bought one but haven't tried it yet other than to see how quiet it is. You could easily go out in public wearing them. I had the bella baby (amazon) pumps with my last baby theyre quite noisy but i could drive with them on Wearables dont remove as much milk so theyre not recommended for regular or full time pumping. If youre planning on pumping regularly or exclusively a hospital grade pump is the best idea. You can rent them from the hospital if needed. Hospital grade pumps are brands like - lanisnoh, medela, spectra Spectra are probably your cheapest hospital grade & the reviews are amazing. Ive bought one for this time I got it secondhand for £40 but you can get them new for just over £100. The medela manual pump always gave me the best output. I could fill a bottle in a couple mins. It was faster and honestly more convenient than any electric the only downside is obviously pumping manually.

Where do you buy them second hand?

@Emily I got mine off vinted xx

The “hands free/discreet” pumps aren’t fantastic - you can’t do anything else at the same time as they’re very easy to knock and often come apart/spill which is frustrating, and they’re not as effective as a wired pump. They are less obvious so can be handy for occasional use if out visiting friends or family but depending on how comfortable you feel about pumping in public, they’re not so discreet that no one knows you’re pumping 😂 So depends what you’re after, but I wouldn’t recommend either for your main pump. In terms of brands, I think Medela and Spectra are up there as gold standard - but expensive. Personally I found the BellaBaby was fantastic and I got it for £25 (new). I did have a medela which required mains electric, so was very tying to one place, whereas the BellaBaby had a battery so wqs more portable and although I couldn’t exactly do much whilst pumping, I was at least able to mooch around the house. I think the BellaBaby was as good as the Medela to be honest 😂

Ive just purchased the momcozy m5. I was torn between s12 and m5 but after visiting the mother and baby show at the Birmingham NEC I went for the m5. Got a good deal at the show too.

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