Bedtime leave in cot to fall asleep

We've gone from rocking to just cuddle before falling asleep and transfer LO to cot. How do you move to putting in cot awake but drowsy for them to fall asleep. This is done at nursery, but at home just sits up and screams want out. Won't do CIO
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Like you - I won’t do CIO. I just kept trying to put my daughter in her bed. If she cried I picked her up and cuddled her to sleep. One day she didn’t cry and it’s been good since.

@Amanda thanks. I'll keep trying. Maybe start with naps when home.

Yes. Naps worked better in the beginning.

We did gradual retreat. So moving a little further away each night. Cuddles > hand hold/stroking / hand on them > sat by bed > sat further away > sat behind door etc Now we can walk out when he’s fully awake (as long as he’s calm!)

@Cal Great to hear. Shall try with naps at home although LO goes down alot easier for naps than bedtime

I keep suggesting this to everyone but floor beds are amazing. My LO is so much happier about going to bed and there's no transferring!

@Emily No transferring but they do need to be calm enough not to run around like a maniac. 😂 Which we do have some nights!

@Cal absolutely true 😂 at the moment we have her bed in a play pen to limit the chaos!

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