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Struggling on what to do during my babies wake windows, he’s 6 weeks old almost 7 and doesn’t seem to be interested in any sensory toys or items, I try and get out for a walk when we can but when it’s raining we struggle getting out I feel like when he’s awake he just stares into thin air or cries😂🤦‍♀️
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I’ve got a 7 week old - We’ve been doing tummy time for a short amount of time, time on his playmat and singing nursery rhymes/songs. At this age the best thing is just close interaction 1:1 with you or any other close adults in his life. I’ve downloaded an app called My First Five Years which helps to track their development and gives ideas on activities to do with them at each stage! X

i feel you on this one 🤣 my LB is the same age and i struggle also! have been advised that you don’t actually need to do a lot at this age, we currently try and do tummy time for a couple of minutes three times a day but he hates it 🤦🏻‍♀️ we also play on the gym mat, sit and cuddle, go on walks, and have a lot of face to face time. i don’t think there is a lot else we can do at this age x

They are too young to get really interested in toys, is enough to just let him stay on the floor looking around, listening to sounds, that's enough for them at this point, no need to worry about showing them toys, just talk to him, let him follow your face. Do some tummy time.

What age do you do tummy time?

Them just looking around is enough. Remember everything is new to them whether it be the sky and bird or the hoover or lampshade etc 😊 xx

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