So my baby is now 3 months old and I can tell he really is needing some sort of structure with his sleeping during the day I am just struggling on how to do that , anyone have any apps (that don’t cost ridiculous amounts) that can help or any advice ? He is up for an hour then screaming from being tired but fights his sleep so bad I’m having to rock him and walk about to put him to sleep and I cannot put him down 🫠 when we have days we have a class he is fine he’s awake much more but other than that he just doesn’t wanna be awake for long. Any advice would be much appreciated pleaseeeee
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I honestly thought this was just my little one being weird but she’s the same! If we’re not doing much she just wants to sleep and gets incredibly agitated but if we’re at baby class or somewhere new, she will stay away and just fall asleep gently

I was just about to post the same situation with my baby! He will fight his sleep and scream when we put him to sleep! And he gets so overtired but is refusing to sleep! Once he is asleep and I place him in the bed he lasts 20 minutes! But recently if I leave him in my arms he’s been sleeping for an hour!! 😣😣😣🥲 Need help!

I have used the 7 day free trial of the pampers sleep coach app. I didn't do the proper sleep training but the advice and optimal sleep times are great 👍 also Huckleberry have a free trial, I use it to track breastfeeding anyway. Then it's £4 something a month which isn't too bad

That's not to say we have it all figured out but I definitely feel better with the schedule (that I've stolen and written down) and pro help!

We use Nara baby it does naps feeds and nappies. I hope you are able to get some advice sorry can’t offer more

I've started to try and do the following for day time naps when at home. Once she's showing signs of being tired ( for us that's fussy when put down, yawning lots and being extra cuddly) I'll take her into our room, put white noise on , place her in her sleeping bag and put her down in the next to me and read a book (if she's too tired she won't lay down so we'll skip the book) So far she hasn't fallen asleep in the next to me so we're working on keeping her in there as long as possible by stroking her face ect but then before she gets too worked up I take her out and rock her until asleep. Usually end up putting her down and picking her back up a few times but trying to get to the point where she can fall asleep by herself just with us next to her for reassurance rather than holding her but I figure that'll take a while as they're still so young. We do use the free version of huckleberry too so we know how long she's been awake ect

The huckleberry app is amazing! My 13 week old does 4 naps a day either in his crib or in the pram. Usually a 2-2.5 hour one in the morning a couple of 30/40 mins around lunchtime and then a 1-1.5 hour one late afternoon. Honestly it's changed my life using the huckleberry app and getting into some form of routine x

Huckleberry is really good for keeping track. You can pay for the upgrade which works out a sleep schedule for you. But I haven't, I just track feeds, naps and night sleep and work on the basis of her being up for no more than 1.5 hours and asleep for no more than 2. You can then look back to see what is your 'normal' and see what works x

I used the feed baby app for my 1st baby especially when working towards a little bit of seeing what her schedule was falling into. It is free or if you want your partner or someone else to access same baby and input info together on separate devices it is like $5 for each person. I love it. It has everything you could want to record and you can look at timelines of whatever you want as well. Super helpful

Another vote for Huckleberry here! I have paid for the upgrade after using the free trial, it gives you something called a ‘sweet spot’ which is the ideal time your baby should be going down for a nap, It’s been exactly when she needs it so far. The free version is also really good as @Stevie-Faye said, you can look back on the days that went really well and try to replicate them ☺️

@Bee thanks so much I’ve downloaded that !! Also doing free trial for the pampers one to see if I can get a idea or tips from that too - that is like 35 a month tho so won’t be keeping that 🤣

@Stevie-Faye perfect thank u ! Trying that now x

Huckleberry has been a godsend for me! It’s £50 for the year but is so clever at predicting the right time for your LO to go down for a nap!

My girl kind of dictated the routine I just watched the signs, she will be more sleepy with dady but just because she gets bored with him.. Our day starts with morning bottle 8h then we do the burping , change of clothes , wash of face and simila.. around 9:30 she will nap for about 40 min to 1h then play time belly time another bottle and will go out for a walk she will sleep this one from 1-2 h , then back home another feed after some exercises belly time play she will nap at 7 for 20min sometimes more and then get ready for night feed and sleep. I usually rock her for 10 min and it's enough . If I see that she gets tired I remove all the toys and leave her to calm down and get bored sometimes..

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