Hi, I plan to move schools soon but may have a short gap in my employment. I have so many questions! If anyone could answer one or more of these questions for me, I’d be so grateful. - Do I have to let my head know I’m looking at other jobs? I’ve been told off in the past for not telling the head I’m looking around other schools. - Are references always two formal ones, like from a head and another SLT member? Do they just say ‘she worked here’ or can they be less formal? - Do references always have to be on request or can I ask someone I respect to write one in advance? - Do you think writing to a local school to introduce myself and share my availability to work would ever lead to anything? Thank you in advance.
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1) It is courteous but not essential. I’d probably only tell your Head once you apply for something. A good HT will be supportive of your move. 2) School references are formal - as part of safer recruitment schools need to know your employment dates, any issues esp safeguarding and conduct. There is usually a tick box section to grade various aspects of your work and a comment. 3) On request usually and from a formal school email address to ensure it covers safeguarding. 4) Definitely no harm in this, I’d say! Recruiting teachers is really hard so it is good to have a potential candidate come and introduce themselves. Good luck!

Thank you so much @Amy these answer my questions perfectly! I’m looking forward to a new school but nervous about my achievements not being valued as I’m starting afresh

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