How long does your baby nap for?

How many times a day does your baby nap? How long for? Struggling with baby not wanting to nap longer than 30 mins and seems to be getting over tired
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Bloody nightmare doesnt sleep no longer than 30 mins either and so ratty of a night ive done everything 😱

Some days he will have decent naps 1-2hours 3-4 times a day.. other times he catnaps all day long and can have 5 naps! I find if we are home he naps better as he’s in his cot but when we are out and about he only catnaps 30-40mins x

Yesterday he slept for an hour spaced across the day - which made bedtime interesting as someone was very overtired!! Today he's already had two 40 minute naps and down again now!

Seems like we are all having the same issue then! Just wish she would nap longer for her development and so she isn't so grumpy 😅

What time are your baby’s able to stay awake for? With these cat naps he seems tired after an hour of waking up!x

Baby has 3 to 4 naps a day and always 30 minutes (since birth 😅)

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