Milk or food first

Are people still doing milk first? Or food first in some cases? X
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I’m trying to offer food first as he’s not that keen on food atm x

We’re the same as above! Still slowly introducing food as he’s sadly not a foodie like us just yet (😭😂) so I find it works best for us to give food first, before milk - particularly at breakfast time as he fills himself up on milk and then just isn’t bothered by food afterwards. It’s all trial and error with these little ones isn’t it!

I give bottle at 7am. Breakfast 9am. Bottle 12ish. Food 2pm. Food 4:30pm. And bottle 7pm.

I have always done food first so that my baby is more hungry to try the food and eat most of what she is given as i try to introduce something new each time like a new fruit and see what she likes! Then top up with milk after - usually before she is ready for a nap 😊 X

I offer food first but a lot of the time he just screams and won't attempt it until he's had boob!

I've always offered milk first but I've started extending the gap between milk and food to encourage her with solids a bit more

Milk first but I leave an hour between milk and food. She isn’t a foodie though so still doesn’t eat that much. Milk at 6:30, breakfast at 7:30, milk at 11:30, lunch at 12:30, milk at 4:30, dinner at 5:30 the bedtime milk at 7. All of those are subject to change at any time though 😂. I follow her lead but always wait an hour between milk and food.

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