I just need to vent. I am tired yall. I’m a school teacher full time and work as a server part time. I’m mentally, physically everything burned out. I want to just quit. I think I’m going to let my part time job go i cannot do this. While also raising my one year old. I feel like I miss out on so much with him..
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I feel that they should pay school teachers should get paid better

One is because not saying you but I hear a lot of teacher get second job and it not fair teachers are the second parent to student and should be respected and pay better should be no reason you can’t spend time with your kid because you have to worry about bills

Oh wow.. you are a super woman lol! I’m sorry that schools don’t pay teachers more it’s horrible. Just know you’re doing the best you can do and your baby will see that in the future. My mom was also working constantly but now looking back I see why my mom had to. You’re doing great.

I’m a teacher too and I totally get it! I don’t even know how you’re working a second job. By the end of the day, I’m so overstimulated and exhausted I can’t function. When do y’all get out of school?

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