Anyone's toddler snoring?

Is it something to be worried about?
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My little girls snores she’s two and a half, she only started doing it a few months ago, my healthcare worker said it’s normal and nothing to worry about as she snores quietly and doesn’t sound like she’s struggling for breath. If it’s loud snoring then just go to the doctors and explain as it can mean sleep apnea in children. Also it’s really normal for them to snore for a little while if they have recently gotten over a cough/ cold X

Same as @Imogen Joanne our health adviser said that it’s ok to snore but if it starts waking them up then we should take them to the GP and they can do a full assessment. Plus I have asma and according to the health adviser maybe in the future my son will have asma too… but every child is different

Mines been snoring since he was about 4 months (he's like his dad) he never struggles to breath or anything so haven't been worried about it x

How bad is it? My little one snores and it’s so loud. I need to make a referral for him to be assessed for adenoid hypertrophy as per the advice of the GP.. he was getting recurring ear infections which can be caused by that. He snores all the time not just when ill - it is normal for them to snore when they have a cold.

@Liz same as mine. Snores loudly, sometimes a break in breathing for a second or two. Gp is refering us to ENT. I'm always so worried about her

I recently discovered (despite mentioning it numerous times over the years) that my 4 year old has ‘enlarged tonsils’. They’re so obviously massive and I believe it caused sleep problems as a baby. The GP has told us to lay with her for a few hours at night and see if she has moments of not breathing or choking. If she does then they will refer to ENT I presume for a sleep study. They’ve said if she’s okay with them then they normally get better around age 6 as they will avoid taking tonsils out if they can possibly help it. And I’d rather her not go through that. Might be worth getting them checked.

Thank you so much, I appreciate all your answers ❤️

I wouldn't say it was anything to "worry" about but it is likely a sign of some oral dysfunction which can obviously affect health later down the line x

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