Hey! I’m 32 weeks tomorrow, and have just collected 0.2ml of colostrum after holding my 13 week old niece 🤣 she must have confused my brain into thinking we’d had a baby already! Boobs felt a bit achy and I checked and there was some wetness. Anyway, does anyone know of any research into the chances of collecting this early triggering early labour? I know NHS don’t recommend trying to express until 36 weeks but if it’s coming I want to try and save it. I’m so excited by it! But obviously don’t want to do anything to put baby at risk or distress. Thanks in advance!
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How do you collect it in a syringe x

Oh well done!!

@Macey I got a kit from my health centre and there’s a leaflet to explain it - that says to express into a sterile cup and suck it up from there, but I didn’t quite have enough so just sort of sucked up each drip as it came out lol. Ended up with 0.4ml x

I think the jury is out on it triggering early labour. Personally I would collect stuff coming out on its own and freeze at the back of the freezer which I think will last for 6 months, but wouldn't actively hand express until the recommended time. Having said that, I just heard of someone still breastfeeding their toddler at around 32 weeks pregnant which must be a lot more stimulating and I had no idea you could do that! Women's bodies are truly amazing 🤩

I’m still breastfeeding my 10month old along with bottles and I’m 31weeks pregnant.. midwife’s know and haven’t said to stop or anything so I’m sure you’ll be fine. X

Yes hand expression is fine just let it drip and there is certain technique you can use ,I used to collect alot and didn't have contractions till the 39 weeks mark and had been doing it from 36 weeks and then at 38, weeks I was pumping but in small intervals,first hand expression is 5/10 minutes per breast 2-3 times a day and you should be okay anymore then that can simulate your breasts ♥️

Between 26 weeks till 38 weeks I hand expressed 4 ounces of colstrum ♥️and 2 ounces by pumping ,as I only pumped for a week or two before she was here ,i started leaking at 26 weeks and my midwife said it fine to collect by hand gentley push the milk out with one hand cupping the breast and try not to squeeze the nipple you push around the nipple to get the milk out ♥️

They say around 32-34 weeks that when you should be able to start collecting colostrum.

I’d say start hand expressing but if you feel your contracting then stop and wait a couple weeks, you can also get catchers that you can just keep in your bra to collect what drips x

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