Anyone else’s baby fighting bedtime recently?

Lately my baby has been fighting bedtime and ends up being so overtired that it affects her night sleep. We’ve been following the 2-3-4 rule for the last 2 months with no issues, she would fall asleep easily after a feed with just a quick cuddle. Now she’s clearly sleepy showing all the cues but just fussing and pushing us away and it takes 1-2 hours now to get her asleep. We’ve tried making bedtime early and later but to no avail. Her naps are good no issues there just bedtime. Anyone else experiencing this?
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No help, but having the same issues

Exactly the same! Literally up till 11pm last night it’s been awful x

Yep! I thought about dropping her to 1 nap….as maybe the wake window from last nap isn’t enough, but I don’t think she’ll make it. I’m hoping it’s just a regression that will pass.

On the same boat - she has learnt how to pull herself up to stand in the cot, and now getting to sleep at night is a nightmare, taking up to 2 hours to settle…

Yes, luckily so far he still sleeps pretty well at night but to get him to actually fall asleep is awful right now. I'm almost dreading bedtime every night because it feels like ive been hit by a truck when I finally can sneak out his room and he's asleep 🥲

Had the same issue for a few days. Today I gave baby a bath at night (usually did this during the day when I got the chance) and he slept better and wasn’t fighting it. Also yesterday he was knackered and I let him nap before bedtime so that wasn’t good. Today he wanted to nap again just before his bedtime and bedtime bottle so I kept him engaged in the bath and he slept at his normal bedtime. Moral of the story no late naps 😭😅

@Aiste oh so we’re all going through this standing phase 😭😭 let’s just say I cannot leave him in the room even for a second anymore. Imagine when they start walking 😬😬

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