Anomaly scan

Went for my anomaly check yesterday but they were unable to complete it because the baby is sat with its feet near its face, has this happened to anyone else, got to wait 2 weeks for another scan
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I’m due the very end of September and I have a rescan on Tuesday, my son had his head burrowed in his chest so they couldn’t get all the measurements, it tends to happen to at least one in 10 women!

This happened with mine, had to do a lot of wiggles and drink cold water eventually she moved

My girl would not let them look at her heart, so we had to have an extra one too. Sometimes they just won’t cooperate, the second scan she was in a better position and we got all the measurements.

Yep. My anatomy scan was on Tuesday, and same thing. I need to go back in 4 weeks to get a couple last scans. All was well, but baby was dancing throughout the session.

Yeah we are the same. We have a rescan tomorrow (had to wait 2 weeks too) as he was covering his face with his hands

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