First bath post op.

I’ve been showering daily since my c-section (12 days ago) but when did you guys take your first bath? I don’t want to rush anything. I’m a big bath lover and miss having a nice relax soak in the bubbles 🫧 🛁
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I’m wondering the same I have managed 4 weeks and want to know how long before I can have a bath and just as importantly how long before I can have a long soak in a bubble bath

I didn’t think it was allowed till your 6 week check up?🫣

I had mine at 5 weeks. One week before my check up. But I checked my scar was fine before. And had no bubbles until 6 weeks. This was my second section so knew what to look for with my scar

I was 3 weeks! I am lucky enough to say I had a very smooth recovery So by the 3 week mark I got the clear to drive I had my first bath. I'd say about 4 weeks until I added bubbles just to make sure x

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