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My baby is 4.5 months and has been sleeping fully on his belly during the night since he was 1 month.. he never liked sleeping on his back and would always cry and wake up because of his reflexes constantly, luckily he’s always been very good at turning his head properly to breath, thank goodness, but still I’m always anxious he’ll suffocate or something. He’s been sleeping through the night since he was 2 months old. During the day when he naps I try to encourage him to fall asleep on his back, to get him used to it for his night sleep, and sometimes he does nap but never for how long he usually naps for. Also I’ve tried turning him around while deep asleep but still doesn’t like it. Didn’t try swaddling him as all midwifes told me it wasn’t recommended anymore. Does anyone else baby do this? Any tips on how to get him to like sleeping on his back? Or should I just let him be?
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My little girl is exactly the same. She has started turning herself over in her sleep but always seems to wake up shortly after so I keep having to flip her back onto her front if I want to get any sleep. No advice really but just here to say you're not the only one!

Let’s hope this too shall pass soon so we can sleep 🥲

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