Pizza for dinner?

Can I give this mini pizza to my 11 month old for dinner? Not sure if the salt content is too high or if it’s ok as a one off?
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I have given my 11 month old them as a treat every now and then for the past couple months

Yeah we’ve given our girl these, but she only has like a quarter of it at a time with veggies etc

@Carys do you still cook the whole thing or do you keep the rest in the fridge to cook later? x x

I cut it into however many servings I wanted (quarters) then froze what I wasn’t using as you can cook from frozen so! It was like 4 meals for her!

@Carys thanks!

I definitely wouldn't but I'm quite healthy conscious, personal choice really

I would add just be mindful of the salt content etc and add veggies & fruit. with it then balance out meals rest of the week if it’s a bit high! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

I have given this to my little boy as a dinner but in all honesty he ate about half of it in one meal so it was 2 meals for us.. I think if given every so often it should be fine.. I feel the guidance is don’t give foods with too much salt or sugar content it’s not great for babies but if you look at baby food its a real eye opener and personally I would rather give my little boy normal food rather than baby food

I let him have bits of pizza to taste but I wouldn’t give him that pizza. Crosta & Mollica ones are nice and simple frozen ones, they only have a few ingredients. He’d only ever have a small slice to play with more than anything (as salt is high) and then give loads of extra salad/ veggies whatever else you’re serving with it.

I give my baby this, finding it hard though as he won’t touch vegetables and fruit so I feel like he’s just eating rubbish for dinner 😖

@Ellie random but, how do you cook your veg? My LG was meh about it when I boiled it but as soon as I got a steamer and started steaming veg instead she lurrrrrvs it 😂 I tried some and it does taste yummier!

@Carys yeah I boil it, I will try that thank you!

@Ellie I was gonna recommend steaming and lightly frying in butter or olive oil! My LO doesn't like boiled veg either 😆

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