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Does anyone know some good tips on losing weight but still getting enough calories to breastfeed? So many people have told me to wait till I was done breastfeeding but I want to feel good about myself before then. Any tips?
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Not really. Some people just can’t lose weight and breastfeed at the same time. Others lose it easily. I was one of the ones that couldn’t.

I couldn’t 🙃 it was a hit on my supply

@Ana Moore that's what happened to me I tried a diet for a week and it just made my milk supply go down too much. I tried exercising but my baby is getting so clingy right now

The deal to lose weight while breastfeeding is to load on protein but if you don’t exercise well enough you will also get fat from ingesting too much protein and not actually using it for muscles. Exercising was also a hit on my supply because I wasn’t getting calories enough from my diet so yeah 🤡 currently 10 months breastfeeding and Im weaning because Im just sick and tired of being fat 🙃

I literally went from 60 oz a day to 20 oz 😭

@Ana Moore my baby is only 4 months or else I would wean him off. I don't have a problem with formula but I want my baby to have breast milk and it's too damn expensive 😩

Cutting out any food with added sugar or white flour helps me. I still eat as much as I want but this forces me to eat more nutritious food which can help with both milk production and weight

Go on daily walks even if it’s just 10 minutes around the block. Walking is the best exercise I’ve lost a bit of weight doing that and I breastfeed too so just made sure I ate enough calories.

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