I feel completely lost?

Hey! Apologies for the anonymous post. Does anyone or has anyone ever felt like they’ve completely lost who they are? Since becoming a mum I’ve lost the majority of my friends (different seasons of life I’m guessing?), I’ve left work to be a SAHM (which I LOVE but finding it so lonely!), I’ve met a ridiculous number of people on maternity leave but the 2 that remained in touch are back at work/have less free time (although we are in regular contact over the phone) & the only other friend I have lives a few hours away so we see each other 2-3 times a year & I have no family nearby (closest is an hours drive… and I don’t drive!). I’ve tried to ‘improve’ the loneliness by trying to learn to drive (5 months into refresher lessons but I’m terrified of driving so it won’t be a quick fix!), joined a gym & attend regularly in the classes & normal gym to be around others & meet new people, joined a few book clubs as I adore reading and thought it was about time I did something for me that was a bit different to what I’ve done in the past & have now completely stopped drinking as although I barely have the opportunity to go out, if I ever did even 1 alcoholic drink would send my mood spiralling! I’ve also been to the GP & started anti depressants for a few months to see if they help (they are, or were but this past week I feel so flat again!) I’d also really like to come off them sooner rather than later in an ideal world but one step at a time! I’m also out every morning with my son at various groups/drop ins/parks/coffee shops & I just feel so alone & like I’ll never feel like me again? Any advice is welcomed even if it’s just ‘it’ll get better!’ 🤞
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You need to embrace you're new normal I think 😞 easier said than done I know but it sounds like you're putting yourself out there and trying to find your hobbies again. I pretty much spend all my time with just me and toddler during the day and at night with my partner and when he's away alone, My 'friends' haven't even met her she's 19 months old

I think you're doing amazingly. You've gotten into things again you love and putting yourself in plenty of situations to make friends. I get depressive episodes sometimes where I feel SO down, I don't have any friends unless they're the odd mum friend who I text and see occasionally. It's pretty lonely being away from family. But I feel ready to put my son in nursery afew mornings a week, I've joined the gym again and doing classes, I get out regularly now to baby classes. It helps alot. But all the conversations are always about being a mum. I don't know what else to say as that's all my life is at the moment! I can't even remember what I used to talk about 😅 you're not alone. Message me if you like ☺️

I feel exactly the same! It’s almost like you’ve lost who you are used to being and don’t know how to start fresh again… please drop me a message if you like!

You are doing amazing! Keep going mama 🩷

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