Sickness & nausea

I’m 6 weeks pregnant and constantly feeling sick & Being sick, does anyone know anything that helps ? Feel like absolute death🤢
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I am feeling the exact same! im 7 weeks today but i literally feel sick every single second of the day im awake even during the night! i tried ginger nut biscuits and they come back up. I have had no appetite either so its super difficult I am currently eating/sucking on some fruit gums the sweets which seem to have helped me do some house work and feel less sick maybe worth a go?

@jasmine ooo I’ll try that! Thank you so much! Glad I’m not alone 🥲xx

The only thing that helped me was the prescription nausea meds!

@Tiffany I phone EPU I’m picking up cyclizine up tomorrow so fingers crossed it works!x

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