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My bf and I have been co sleeping with my baby but I want to start putting her to sleep on her own any advice ?! I’ve tried warming up the crib before putting her in it , swaddling her ( she breaks out of the swaddle) , putting her on her side , giving her warm bath before I put her to sleep … I even bought a bassinet that vibrates because she likes being rocked to sleep :( and not even that she likes being in she has two bassinets and a crib and nothing she seems to like being in besides me and my boyfriends bed
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Sounds like she wants her mommy❤️ have you tried lying her down on her tummy? I know most people aren’t comfortable with it, but both of my boys have slept this way and loved it.

@Madelyn yeaa she won’t sleep on anybody else but me 😂 I actually haven’t usually my mom will do that when she puts her to sleep and she’ll sleep for like 4-5 hours which she usually doesn’t do but I might try it out to see I’ll just have to put the owlet bracelet I have for her because I get really paranoid with her sleeping on her belly but she knows how to lift up her head really good and move it

@Madelyn yeah this actually very dangerous advice.. it's not that people aren't comfortable it's that there is science and research that shows more babies *die* sleeping on their tummy, especially before they can roll over. I hope no listens to this comment. SIDS is real, and if you have no experience with it, you are blessed. It's truly the worst thing that can happen in life, waking up thinking your baby is asleep but actually died because you did not follow well known guidelines.. that guilt will eat you alive.

@Sarialyz hi! Have you tried a sleep sack instead of a swaddle? My daughter pops out of swaddles but the Love To Dream sleep sacks keep them secure (with a zipper for ease in the middle of the night!) and keeps them from waking themselves up a lot. For me, I keep my hand on her while she falls asleep and then I leave when she's good and drowsy. I'm a behavior specialist that specializes in sleep training! Id love to talk more and give you more specific advice that is safe and in line with today's guidelines. Feel free to pm me if ya want to chat more. Good luck!!

@Sarialyz yes yes! I wasn't responding to you, it was the initial comment above yours. I definitely saw your comment and was glad to see it. I was more worried about other moms who might see that comment and think "oh she did it it must be fine!"

That breaks my heart for your bfs coworker. 💔

@Nana omg I’m so sorry I don’t know why I thought it was from another comment I had made lol

@Nana yea it was sad it’s really scary how babies can die like that and it was because she was sleeping on her belly and when she woke up the baby was on her face and she couldn’t breathe 😔

@Nana I actually haven’t tried the sleep sack ! I want to but some are super expensive and I never knew which one to try out but I’ll def look into it thank you so much and sorry again for that other comment I don’t know why I thought it was from another comment I had made

Exactly, so heart breaking. Makes me hold my daughter a little tighter. Are you on Facebook? I know they have buy nothing groups where people get rid of things for free. I see baby stuff soooo often. You can ask if anyone has those sleep sacks. I got a ton from my buy nothing groups!

@Nana yes especially when they’re so little :(( , and I actually doo ! So I’ll look into that

At one point the recommended sleeping position was the belly. The experts really have no clue. We’ve started with just naps in the crib and if he’s really sleeping hard when we transfer from living room to bedroom at night I can usually lay him down in his crib for a few hours. Sometimes on his side propped with a pillow to his back, sometimes on his belly. Rarely on his back. I did some research on the startle reflex and I chose not to swaddle because it’s a reflex that they have to wake them up so they don’t die.

@Skylar I wanted to buy the gripebelt but wasn’t sure if it helped honestly I’ve tried almost everything and when I put her down on her back she’ll just start crying because she scares herself

@Alice everytime I try to transfer her from my arms to the crib for her to sleep she’ll instantly wake up no matter how hard she’s sleeping 🥲

Try the TakingCaraBabies class!

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