Baby won't latch

Anyone else having trouble latching baby? My son will not latch what so ever, if he does it's for 2 seconds and then he's like absolutely not😂 I've been pumping for him and supplementing with formula but I wish he would latch
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I’m having the same issue with my baby

I have been having so much trouble latching baby on the boob too!! He’s one week old and 5lbs. Super small but he latches on the bottle great. Sometimes breast feeding works but we have to try for like 5-10 minutes to get he latch

Yeah my baby prefers the bottle over the boob too but I wish she would latch on 🥲 I’m gonna keep trying though

It can be so hard! My first was like that. A lactation consultant can be immensely helpful. Your hospital should be able to connect you with someone.

I had the same problem I still do sometimes my boy was really small he just hit 5lbs a few days ago he’s got a very small mouth and I think that was a lot of the issue at the beginning what I did to help was a lot of YouTube videos from lactation consultants there’s a lot of information in a lot of the videos that helped tremendously! When I was in the hospital the consultants didn’t help me that well but once I learned that you have to hold your breast a specific way to get the baby to latch correctly now he’s been doing a lot better with latching sometimes we still have problems but I just unlatch him and try again it also helps if your baby isn’t super hungry and crying with frustration

My baby is 4 weeks and still doesn't latch very well. My best advice is to just try once a day before he gets fussy. Make sure he is calm and keep working with him. It gets very overwhelming and frustrating. Even though mine still isn't latching fully, I worked him up to staying on the breast for 10 minutes yesterday!! Good luck mama

Try taking him to an ICPA certified chiropractor who specializes in pediatric cranial work! It’s all super gentle and makes a huge difference!

Hi, I have very flat nipples and my baby didn’t want to latch either. I started using medela nipple shields and now she latches easily! I hate that I have to use them but they protect my nipples and it helps her latch so win win? 😅

@Lotti thank you so much!!

My first son did this and I tried every day and he finally got it after a month or so. He was born early so I think latching was too much effort. We also had a tongue tie revision and after that he latched. I would seek out lactation they can be a huge help.

My son would only latch on one side for the first week, we just kept trying and I spoke to a lactation consultant who showed me some specific positions and helped me learn how to get a good latch, he still struggles a bit on the other side but I pinch the nipple and position it in his mouth and after a few tries he usually gets it well enough to nurse but if he doesn't I just pump on that side.

Have you checked for tongue tie? That could be causing issues with latching

@Katie thank you I’ll definitely try this

My advice is just keep trying here and there :)

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