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Is there any way to increase milk production? My lo is 3 weeks now and I pump every one to two hours all day, as well as putting baby to breast and I maybe get 2 oz on a good day. The lactation consultant says I'm doing everything right but I feel like I'm missing something. Any of you wonderful people have any ideas?
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Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water and eating plenty. I know that helped me the most over any of the “lactation cookies or foods” but also make sure you aren’t drinking or having too much caffeine those can dehydrate you. You want to stay fully hydrated to keep up your milk, that’s the biggest thing.

Power pumping.

I use coconut milk and that helps. I mix it with white cran strawberry juice and tastes like a Starbucks pink drink

Is your baby getting milk while nursing? If so, that doesn’t seem too bad to me. What helped me increase my supply was ensuring I was hydrated (I like to add hydration pack my water every day or drink coconut water once a day), getting enough protein (I am for ~120g per day), power pumping, and putting baby to breast. One thing that I hated doing, but it helped when I was trying to build a stash of milk was doing a 3 am pump. To power pump you pump for 20 or until you are empty, wait 10 min, pump again for 10 min, wait 10 min, and then pump again for 10 min. You can also try putting a warm compress or massage your boob before pumping. I get the most milk when I use the let down setting for ~2 min and then use the 38 cycle at 8 vacuum until empty. Be kind to yourself momma♥️ your milk supply won’t fully regulate until you’re about 12 weeks pp. You’re doing amazing!

increase your protein intake; lean meats, lentils/beans, eggs, etc. limit caffeine!!! fyi, chocolate has caffeine. i just accidentally killed my over-supply eating a bunch of trail mix with dark chocolate 😫

I drink a body armor or two every day and it seems to help my supply. Most of my supply has been from late night pumps (12am, 3am, & 6am)

I make sure I drink a glass of water before pumping/feeding and then one during. Great way to stay hydrated.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate. And don’t put too mush pressure on yourself to produce more. I tried EVERYTHING with my first and just didn’t produce enough. After 6 long and beyond stressful months, I have in and switched to formula and it’s one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made! Good luck mama!

No advice but I’m in the same boat. Sending hugs 🥰🥰

Idk, I feel like high protein helps. I crave egg whites/ dairy/ Greek yogurt and burgers. (I over produce btw.)

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