Is this considered peak ?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a strip come back that dark. I noticed the first line faintly as soon as it started collecting but I stopped watching it. I got my strips on Sunday & started them Monday but I wasn’t able to take one yesterday due to not feeling well enough. My other tests were definitely lower , the app said the first test was 51(5/13) the next day it was 69(5/14) & today it says 200 peak(5/16). Today I would be cd14 , I’m usually 28 days last cycle I was late 6 days tested negative.My sinuses started acting up all week & I got a sinus infection so my husband bought me Mucinex sinus-max yesterday which I started. I took my second dose this morning (since I took my first dose so late yesterday I wasn’t able to take a second). Should I BD today or tomorrow ? Or both ?
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Yes this is peak. BD today and tomorrow for sure. And the next day for good measure :) good luck! Also, I’m on the mucinex train right now too 🤞🏻

Thank you ! Hubbys come home early today 😂🙌🏼. I fully intended to actually try Mucinex just not really be sick 😩🥴 but I can absolutely say I’ve seen the difference 👀. I definitely haven’t been taking it as long as recommended or anything but I’m gonna keep taking it & BD & just hope it works this time 🤞🏼. Baby dust to you✨

Yesterday my test looked just like that and it was my peak BD both And for good measure do it a couple of days after Is what I'm gonna continue doing And have fun enjoy yourself it gives you less stress too 🤞🤞🤞

Sounds good to me ! Thank you 🤗 that’s what I’ve been telling him let’s just have fun with it cause the stress could be a lot 🥴 we’ve been on the “every other day” since last week so I plan to continue even after peak just to be positive especially since last cycle threw me off

I think the less stress I feel is when I don't say anything to my husband about peak or ovulation day And just have fun and enjoy it even though we have a toddler that we have to wait until 8 o'clock for him to go to sleep and I know my husband's tired From working But when I don't say anything and just go with the flow and like rub his back and kind of like Role playing I feel like this cycle was a lot less stress Because when you say it's ovulation day they are so nervous trying their best to Perform Their best Because they want a baby as well And I feel like its more Stressful to make it happen But that's My opinion

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