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What are ebf mums doing when baby only wants to suck for comfort and not drink much? Surely my boobs will get confused and engorged? My 4 week old hasn’t wanted me to put him down today and has been attached to my boob all afternoon
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My baby is 5 weeks old today, cluster feeding has been the worst. I have been talking to a lactation consultant since giving birth. She reaches out once a week to see how things are going. And I reached out to her one day because I was overwhelmed with the amount of time my boy wanted to spend attached to my boobs. She recommends using a pacifier when they only want to suck for comfort. Sometimes babies don’t know how to hold onto the pacifier (in their mouths), she said the worst would be having to constantly put it back in their mouth. But a lot less overwhelming than them being attached to the boob all day.

When they just want to comfort suck, I use pacifier. Might be a bit of a learning curve but mine loves it during the day, usually when she's gassy. No interest in it at night. You will learn the signs. When mine spits it out but when she has it aggressively sucks thats her sign she's hungry. When closer feeding, I breastfeed as much as I can. And if it gets too much I pump or use frozen milk so that she still eats. But still do breastfeed or pump because cluster feeding teaches your boob that it needs to produce more milk that baby is growing

If your baby won’t take a pacifier and is just sucking for comfort my lactation specialist told me to try my pinky finger, with the nail down on the tongue and pad of the finger at the palate


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