Prenatal Yoga/Pilates

Hi! Does anyone know of any prenatal yoga or Pilates in SoCal? Preferably near OC?
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Club Pilates in Tustin!

I believe some of the Fit4Mom’s have prenatal yoga and other exercise classes (in addition to other classes with baby). There’s different ones around OC and they usually meet at parks. I go to the Fit4Mom in Tustin.

I actually work out a ton and haven’t had to stop much. I train in aerial, but recently added in “move your bump” which is intense… I love it- it’s a circut app designed for pregnancy.. within the app there is also pelvic floor workouts, ab workouts, si/ sciatic joint stuff, foam rolling - these workouts are harder than my stuff pre pregnancy.. I also switched from megaformer to traditional Pilates ( as I already have an ongoing injury). I currently go to Haus of Pilates in HB and have been loving it. It depends on how high- functioning you were prior.. I actually reached out to fit4moms and they told me that someone like myself ( who is doing more athlete level stuff, and heavy lifting already)that it would be a little basic for me.. so I’ve gone this other route- but I’m sure it’s still good for Regular fitness. In terms of yoga I can’t give any current recs because of my injury yoga killed me- all the twisting was too much- although in pregnancy you couldn’t do that anyway

The trainer at my gym who is an incredible yoga/ contortion instructor recommended her friend, before that I was doing donation based beach yoga at Hb*

Ra yoga has a few classes a week. It’s hot yoga but I don’t think that class is heated. They also have baby and me classes for when you have your baby. There’s a location in Newport and Costa Mesa

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