Long Afternoons

Does anyone else find the afternoons with their babies really long? We get out most mornings to go to baby classes/walks but it gets to the afternoon and I just don't know how to keep my little man occupied. He'll go on his playmat etc for a bit but gets fussy after a while. It doesn't help that tiredness really hits me in the afternoons and I just don't feel like I've much energy left and then find myself just watching the clock waiting for his daddy to arrive home. Any tips?
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Yes I feel exactly the same including feeling too tired to really do anything. I’m thinking of just getting into a new tv series but I don’t know what to watch that’s suitable. Can anyone recommend anything light hearted that doesn’t need too much attention?

Obv the tv show is not for keeping baby entertained, but to give me something to keep the boredom away!

@Lesley that would be ideal but the chances of my baby letting me sit and watch a TV show in peace are slim 😅 should have added he really isn't much a daytime sleeper which makes matters even worse lol

Now the days are a bit sunnier, find a friend and a nice pub garden!

Yes, totally! My day today felt SO long from 11am and the thought of entertaining for another 7 hours before dad comes home was disheartening 😩

I used to feel like this with my first! I found like you that by 2/3 I had no energy. I used to nap or flop when she napped in the afternoon and then once she was awake I’d do housework - flipping her between playmat, bouncy chair and sling. Made me feel less zombies when I kept busy and made time go faster. Honestly at this age don’t feel you need to entertain them! They’re happy watching you and the world around them. Do what you want to do and smile and interact with them in between!! (But I know that’s a lot easier said, my first was super fussy but I’ve just learnt with my second that he has no choice but to fit in!)

@Lesley Schitts creek!

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