Electric breast pump

FTM Currently exclusively breastfeeding but looking for recommendations for best electric breast pump for when I plan to express 😊
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Following because I am 7 months postpartum and got a momcozy from amazon.ca that stopped working after 2 weeks since I got discouraged now I need one because I am tired of just breastfeeding I need to give her a bit of à stored milk in a bottle

Baby Buddha has worked well for me

2nd vote for Baby Buddha. It's fairly small, like the size of a roku remote, just a bit thicker. It's also very strong. It has a lanyard to carry around your neck so you can still move around, I always stuck mine down inside my bra. Lol! I also paired mine with freemie cups, which is the budget friendly way to get a wireless pump without the cost. 😉

I’ve had the Medela Symphony, which is good. I tried ardo carum and found it didn’t pump good enough; medela seems to have better suction

Spectra s1

Don’t get a wearable for your main pump. It will tank your supply.

@Jihene k have you followed up with Amazon. Momcozy are great for replacing or refunding the product

@Louise i did and no answer

@Jihene k perhaps contact momcozy direct? I had a problem with my pump and they refunded it immediately as they didn't have any replacements

Baby Buddha!

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