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My baby is still to bless us by sleeping through the night - 5 months old🙈. Every night I am hopeful 😂 my baby still has 2 feeds through the night. Is this the norm? Anyone else the same? All my pals babies sleep right though 🫠
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I’ve noticed all my friends who EBF are up once or twice a night but if they formula or combi they sleep.

My baby is taking expressed milk and then last 2 feeds of the day are formula. So maybe that could be why 🙈🤣. Just not ready to fully transition yet! 😩. Can’t wait for a full nights sleep 🙈

My first child started sleeping through for a brief period of time between 13 and 15 months and then again after 16 months sleep regression. It is very normal for babies to wake up to feed when they're under 1yo.

@Anke this is a bit more reassuring! It’s hard work 🙈. Can’t help but envy my friends 😭. Oh no, we haven’t mastered rolling yet so I’m sure we will have that to add into the mix soon too 😩 Sleep deprivation is soooo hard!!!😭

@Olga thank you! I’m just forever hopeful! She used to sleep so well then the “regression” happened start of March and never ended 🙈🤣

I know! My daughter was a fantastic sleeper before the 4 months sleep regression, and now she wakes up every 60-90 minutes and needs her comforting. My son on the other hand was always a bad sleeper so we didn't even notice this regression 😂

My baby is 5mo has always been formula fed drinks 5 7oz bottle in day and also still wakes twice in night and downs 7oz bottles….. i feel you

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