Potty Training Woes

Has any one ever dealt with a potty resistant toddler? I have been trying to potty train my toddler since last year. She’s 3 now. Immediately she started off being resistant and because I was working and schooling and felt maybe I couldn’t give full attention I stopped. I also thought she may not be ready. Fast forward to now and we’re one week in. Her dad is doing the potty training because I work full time but she is still resistant. She cries whenever it’s potty time and also refuses to use it on the potty but immediately she’s back in underwear she will use it on herself. And when she does she doesn’t make anyone aware. Rather she will just walk on her tippy toes and that gives us the queue to know she’s used it on herself. If you ask her she’ll tell you where pee and poop go and if you remover her underwear she’s says ew. Any suggestions?? I’m desperate!
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My daughter was like this, we did a sticker chart. I really just had to force her onto the potty whether she wanted to or not i carried her there every 30 min-1hr. Fast forward we obviously had some “accidents” she smeared her poop all over the bedroom. But after about 1-2 weeks of just putting her on the potty mad or not it worked. We’d also give her a little treat each time she went, a m&m or a gummy. She seemed to love it.

If you’re using potty training underwear (pullups, etc) she may be confused because they feel just like diapers. With mine, I prepped her for the transition about a week before I switched her into real undies. I did several daily reminders, telling her in X days, we’re going to start wearing our big girl undies. And we’re going to learn how to get all the pee and poo in the potty. Every day leading up to big girl undies, lots of potty talk. Explaining how it all works, her in the bathroom with we could talk through the potty process. And of course, books and books and books on potty. Mine are big fans of Daniel Tiger, so we watched his potty episode a lot too. It’s a scary thing for some kids, but I promise you, she’ll get it and you’re doing just fine.

I struggled with my 3 old boy… weeks and weeks of fails and almost terrified of the toilet… he was confusing pull up’s for diapers and just going in them… finally I sucked it up and said oh well I’m just going to have to mop a lot and do a ton of laundry and made him wear just underwear… accidents galore… but he realized he didnt like the feeling of being wet and all the constant showers… officially 6 months potty trained with zero accidents!

@katie ok we’re doing the same but I will add in sticker chart and treats! So does she get a treat whether she uses it or not?

@Samantha-Life Coach4Mom we recently relocated here so a lot of stuff are still in storage in our home town. My little loves Daniel tiger as well and I got her the potty book along with the potty figurine but it’s still in storage. I don’t think I’ve personally seen the potty episode but I’m definitely going to put it on and watch with her tonight!♥️

Ok so one thing I may be doing wrong is instead of the potty training underwear let her wear real underwear??

I appreciate the feedback so much! Thanks♥️

@Ohemaa It could be a part of it since they feel exactly like the diaper. I still used them for outings because I wasn’t trying to carry a million sets of clothes. At home though, it’s the real undies until bedtime. She may also be reacting to moving too. Her one area of control…where she chooses to poop and pee.

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