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Please tell me someone is in the same position as me lol. I have a 5 month old and he won’t take a tummy or a bottle I have tried numerous times different bottles and different dummies and I am just finding now he just wants to be on me all day which I don’t mind at all but my partner works so am on my own all week and it does get alot any advice ??
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Have you tried maam?

Yes I have tried this

Same boat here xx

Exactly the same here

I am experiencing the same - I am yet to try this bottle, but google “The Anatomy Bottle”. I’ve heard amazing reviews. It’s pricey but in desperate times 😅 x

Are you all just going with it or do you find it gets to much? And oh yeah I’ve seen that bottle!! That’s one I need to try x

I’m in the same boat and asked my health visitor what I can do about it for when I go back to work in November and suggested I try getting him trained to use a sippy cup or something similar because she’s heard of a few success stories with this! This was very recent so I’m yet to try this myself 😊

I exclusively breastfeed now but my daughter had to take a bottle when I was in a hospital with pneumonia. The one that worked for us is mimijumi. Is it you or your partner who tried to give your little one the bottle? Babies are more likely to take it from the parent that doesn't produce milk.

^^ this is what I’m going to do. Wait until my little one starts solid foods and then I’m going to introduce an open cup / straw cup with expressed milk and pray it works x

Thankyou for the all the recommendations I am going to buy that bottle mimijumi and hope that works!

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