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My baby girl is 3 months old. She takes her long nap anytime after 8pm for 3/4 hours which is in crib. But once she wakes up, she will not sleep into crib again. So I take her with me on same bed. We have a good space between us. But Is it safe to co sleep? Any care that I should be taking or should I just stop co sleeping?
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You can safely co sleep, I did this with my daughter from around 6 months until around 2. Some good advice/guidance on the link x

You can safely cosleep but as Geri said, look up advice on the best way to do this. Like you, my little one sleeps from 8/9pm through to around 3/4am. She has a feed but then doesn't settle in her crib despite multiple attempts on trying to get her to relax. So, to save my sanity I bring her into bed with me and ensure there's lots of space. We are lucky to have a Super King size bed which really helps!

Look at happycosleeper on Instagram too she has lots of helpful information I’ve been following this and co sleeping with my little girl. X

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