I’m 16weeks tomorrow and planning on breastfeeding. I didn’t do this with my first child and definitely regret not trying so I want to try with my second. However, I’m confused about the pumping like do you have to pump while breastfeeding?🤷🏻‍♀️ and It sounds awful but I don’t want to breastfeed for long I was thinking maybe just the first month? Would that be bad? 🫶🏼
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No you don't have to pump whilst breastfeeding! But I think where your breast feel full that's why you need to pump / express milk x

I'm planning on breastfeeding too, and from what I've seen on YouTube a haka is good to put on the other breast while your feeding to catch your fall out and that can be saved for a bottle if someone else wants to help feed your baby xxx

You don’t have to pump at all if you don’t want to. My baby is nearly 7 months and we’re still breastfeeding and I’ve never pumped x

There’s no need to pump if all goes well. Most of the stuff you see is Americans pumping because they have to go back to work so early. Try to find your local breastfeeding support groups and get information on latching etc. in advance.

I could never get anything by pumping, some people can't! But as your planning to feed for the first month you might only need to ebf and not pump 😉

Thank you everyone 🫶🏼🫶🏼 This is a great website and they have a helpline/ support groups etc… I only pumped very occasionally to get a break myself/ go out, but generally he was just on my boobs. I’d really recommend not pumping just to relieve a full breast. Your body will produce more milk if more is removed. Just hand express a little for comfort or use a Hakka to remove a very small amount. Any breastfeeding you do is great for your baby.

Hi I’m the same I am really determined and want to and seen so many things. There is a book I got recommended that helps and gives amazing advice. She says don’t pump to much first 6 weeks to much as will over stimulated your breast and the flow etc let you baby do it there way how they want it pumping will change that hard to explain but when read or listen to her makes sense. Lucy Webber - Breast Feeding and the Fourth Trimester. I’m listening on Audible each night. Hope your breast feeding journey goes amazing for you xx

I second the book @Hayley recommended. Her instagram also has a wealth of really helpful information which troubleshoots the main issues that crop up and normalises a lot of things that people think mean there’s an issue with feeding but are actually really normal. Education is key to a successful journey imo x

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