Anatomy Scan?

When do you typically get your anatomy scan? I am going into today for an appointment but was told it would just be an ultrasound. I am 21 weeks currently.
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It’s usually 18-22 weeks. Mine was at 21+5 cause that’s when they could get me in to see the Dr after. I think every clinic is different in if you see the Dr immediately after or not.

An anatomy scan is an ultrasound. That's probably what they'll do at your appointment today

I would just confirm with them. We got our at 21+3 days

I got mine at 19+5 it was a regular ultra sound just more pictures to make sure everything is okay

I got mine at 23 weeks

That’s your anatomy scan. They typically won’t say anatomy scan sometimes when scheduling. Mine kept saying ultrasound. I had mine at 21 weeks.

I did mine at 19 weeks and then did a redo at 23 weeks

Y’all were all right! It was an anatomy scan, haha! Thanks for confirming

My anatomy scan was at 20 weeks

I got mine at 19 weeks+6 days. I had to call and request it though. They referred me to a maternal fetal specialist who did the ultrasound. It lasted almost an hour due to her being stubborn lol

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